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        To ensure that every product can meet the needs of customers.

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        Hand Tour Google Store Independent Game Festival held this month 20 shortlisted works announced 09-01 Author: endure9

        The service field covers the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and other fields, to provide them with specialized services.

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        The company has strong technical strength, advanced production technology, complete testing means and reliable product quality. / more info /

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        In the future, the exhibition will adhere to the concept of innovation, adhering to the basic principles of integrity, professionalism and soundness, adhere to the core values of serving customers, returning to society, take advantage of the wind and waves, in order to help the sea./ more info /

        Three New Color National Line Handles Will Be World's First 09-01 Author: SEED90

        Guangzhou Guangyi Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Guangzhou City, the first pump factory, Guangyi Group, Guangyi pump factory, now trademark Bosp) to fine-cut, innovative, the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction as the guiding ideology, the implementation of brand strategy, increase new product development and product transformation efforts,...。

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        The 90 watt or 120 watt household booster pump has a pressure of one kilogram, which is sufficient for the needs.